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In early 2017, the Columbia Club launched a campaign to illustrate why membership matters. In an  effort to build Club pride and drive membership, this campaign was designed to showcase personal stories of why members have joined the Columbia Club. 
And who better to tell that story than our own Club members?
Each member has their own reason for joining – and we want to celebrate that diversity. Select members happily share what encouraged them to join the Club.  We have shared these stories and biographies in The Columbian so you can get to know them better. 
We are all proud of being Columbians. Now let’s allow others in the community know why membership matters.

Greg belongs for the culture. When Greg Goode walks into the Columbia Club, he immediately feels at home, even though he ’s miles away from his own. Whether he’s enjoying a unique dining experience, staying in Indianapolis for work or getting to know a fellow Columbian, he appreciates the opportunities the Club provides for anyone interested in participating. Greg remembers joining the club mostly for professional reasons – as the Executive Director of Government Relations for Indiana State University, he wanted to interact with government officials in a setting outside the Indiana Statehouse. Since becoming a Columbian ten years ago, he has met members from all over the city, from a variety of professional disciplines, who make the Club the unique place it is.

At the Columbia Club, membership matters.




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